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SDTGA5000a proximate analyzer can be used to:
(1) determine the moisture, volatile matter and ash content in coal, coke and solid bio mass fuel samples,  and calculate the fixed carbon content and gross calorific value, 
(2) analyze the carbon content in coal ash and ash cinder samples, 
(3) determine the moisture, volatile matter and ash content in petroleum coke sample, 
(4) analyze the loss on ignition of cement.  

Conformance with Standards

IISO11722 Solid mineral fuels – Hard coal – Determination of moisture in the general analysis test sample   by drying in nitrogen
ISO1171 Solid mineral fuels –Determination of ash
ISO562 Hard coal and coke – Determination of volatile matter
ASTM D5142-09 Standard Test Method for Proximate Analysis of the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke byInstrumental Procedures GB/T212-2008 Standard Test Method for Proximate Analysis of Coal

  • Max sample: 16 (moisture), 16 (ash), 10 (volatile matter)
  • Analysis time: 16 samples / 60min~ 90min (Moisture)
            16 samples/ 45 min (Quick Ash), 150 min (Slow ash)
            10 samples/ 7 min (Volatile matter)
  • Self-defined : 120℃, 16 samples/25min (moisture); 900℃, 16 samples/30min (ash) 
  • Sample size: (0.5~1.3) g
  • Temperature controlling precision: ±3℃ (Moisture), ±5℃ (Ash, Volatile matter)
  • Maximum temperature: 950℃
  • Air flow: 10L-12L/min
  • Balance sensibility: 0.0001g
  • Power requirement: 220V (-15%-10%), 50Hz
  • Max power: 4kw 

  • Suitable for all types of coal 
    SDTGA5000 a proximate analyzer imitates the working condition of drying oven and muffle furnace, and all types of coals can be tested accurately.

  • High automation
    Sample weighing, crucible introducing, analyzing, residual weighing, crucible discarding and data management are all controlled by computer. Test is conducted with high efficiency.

  • Ultra-low balance drift
    Sample weighing at room/low temperature by external and internal balances, the influence caused by balance drift has been effectively reduced.

  • Stable performance 
    SDTGA5000a is equipped with specially designed volatile matter crucible together with unique auto-sample loading device, and performs stably.

  • Multi-control
    With CAN bus interface, several sets of SDTGA5000a can be controlled by a single computer. And each SDTGA5000a works independently.

  • Balance and network
    Balance and network are connected by standard interface RS232.,Primary Aluminium,Secondary Aluminium,Bronze/Brass,Phosphorous Copper,Aluminium Bronze,

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