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Sundy Infrared Sulfur Analyzer can be used to determine the total sulfur content in coal, coke and other combustibles.

Conformance with Standards

ISO 19579:2006 Solid mineral fuels – Determination of sulfur by IR spectrometry ASTM—D4239—10el Standard Test Method for Sulfur in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke Using High Temperature Tube Furnace Combustion Methods

  • Method: Infrared absorption
  • Test Range: 0.01%-50% (Extendable to 100%)
  • Sample Weight: 200~500mg
  • Recommended Weight: (300±50)mg
  • Analysis Time: ≤110s/per sample
  • Autoloader:  12 Samples
  • Furnace Working Temperature: 1350℃
  • Power Requirement: 220 V(-15%-10%),50Hz 
  • Gas Requirement: Oxygen (99.5% purity)
  • Max Power: 4kW

Unique automatic sample
    Up to 12 samples can be loaded, and then the analyzer will introduce, test, and discard the samples automatically. What’s more, samples can be added and replaced when active analysis is conducted. Meanwhile, the sample introducing rod can introduce and take out the filter boat automatically, which makes the replacement of the filter wool more convenient

Ultra-low drift Infrared Cell lower the frequency of drift calibration
    With unique ultra-low drift infrared cell, Sundy SDS212 only needs to be calibrated once every workday, and then it can work continuously, China National Coal Quality Testing Center certified. The performance is more stable, and the test efficiency is higher.

Low cost of gases
    Gas is supplied by sample introducing rod which is hollowly designed. And the software could decide whether to supply gas or not according to the position of the sample introducing rod. As a result, the oxygen consumption decreases by 20% The sample introducing rod has a self-protection function. Once the sample is introduced, the rod extracts itself from the hot zone thus prolonging its working life.

Intelligent Control
  • Easy-to-use Windows-based software.
  • Easy data handling, real time data can be transmitted by internal network.
  • With CAN bus interface, several sulfur analyzers can be controlled by a single PC.
  • It can be connected with balance and network by standard interface RS232.,Primary Aluminium,Secondary Aluminium,Bronze/Brass,Phosphorous Copper,Aluminium Bronze,

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