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Sundy ash fusion testers can be used to determine the four characteristic temperatures (DT, ST, HT & FT) of coal and coke ash. DT: This is reached when the corners of the mould first become rounded
ST: This is reached when the top of the mould takes on a spherical shape.
HT: This is reached when the entire mould takes on a hemisphere shape
FT: This is reached when the molten ash collapses to a flattened button on the furnace floor.   

Conformance with Standards

ASTM D1857-04 Standard Test Method for Fusibility of Coal and Coke Ash ISO540 (2004) Hard coal and coke – Determination of ash fusibility GB/T219—2008 Standard Test Method for Fusibility of Coal

  • Max Sample: 9
  • Max temperature: 1600℃
  • Temperature Resolution: 1℃
  • Furnace material: Mullite
  • Heating element: Silicon Molybdenum rods
  • Heating rate: 20±5 ℃/min (≤900 ℃)
            5±1 ℃/min (>900 ℃) 
  • Test atmosphere: Reducing (gas flow)
            Oxidizing (air flow)
  • Power requirement: 220 V±10%, 50Hz
  • Max power: 2.4kw
  • Standard Layout: SDAF105 Ash Fusion Analyzer :Integrated CCD Camera/ Desktop Computer / Printer
  • Dimensions: 550 x 850 x 843mm (AFT only)
  • N.W: 100kg

Improved Efficiency with Dual Configuration

    Up to 9 samples can be analyzed simultaneously in one combustion tube.

Auto-sample Introduction

    Cone samples are placed on the support and introduced into the furnace automatically. After finishing the test, cone supports are automatically carried out from the furnace and sent back to the sample loading hole.

Image Photographed and Observed through a Shared Hole

    Sundy SDAF105 is equipped with a specific reflection filter; only one image capture hole is kept. Images can be recorded by camera and observed manually both at the front side of the high-temperature furnace; the instrument can work precisely with perfect gas tightness and low gas consumption.

Extended Service life of cone support

    SDAF105 has a spill slot on the cone support; the melted ash is introduced to the slot to avoid gluing.

Easy to operate
  • The software is supported on the English version of windows operating system. Test can be finished automatically after having loaded samples.
  • With CAN bus interface, several sets of SDAF105 can be controlled by a single computer.
  • Balance and network are connected by standard interface RS232.

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