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Copper Phosphorous

Copper  Phosphorus is an alloy of elemental copper and elemental phosphorus. It improves the predictability of your process and eliminates the potential for hydrogen embrittlement.


Element Composition


Copper Phosphorus








Available products are in form of granule and waffle plate.
Remark: CuP8% is for aluminium industry, CuP15% is for copper industry.

Copper Phosphorus is used as a deoxidant, alloying agent, and wetting agent for the copper industry, and as a nucleant for the aluminum industry. Below are the details of different applications.

Copper Phosphorus as a deoxidant:
Removes oxygen from copper baths to produce a cleaner product free of cupric oxide.

Copper Phosphorus as an alloying agent:
Increases the strength, hardness and elasticity, while reducing creep and grain growth, when added to copper and copper-tin alloys, and in high performance electrical conductivity alloys

Copper Phosphorus as wetting agent:
Copper Phosphorus is also used as a wetting agent in brazing alloys. Brazing rod producers add phosphorus to brazing rod compositions to lower melting temperatures, improve wetting characteristics, clean the brazed joint and improve strength.

Copper Phosphorus as a nucleant: Copper Phosphorus is used as a nucleant in greater than 11% Silicon-Aluminum. When added to Silicon-Aluminum, Copper Phosphorus forms AlP, which causes silicon to solidify as small, blocky particles instead of long, brittle fingers. This results in improved toughness, wear-resistance, castability and machinability.,Primary Aluminium,Secondary Aluminium,Bronze/Brass,Phosphorous Copper,Aluminium Bronze,

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