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MetalScan A Series

The MetalScan A series comprises a control unit and detachable probe at the end of a 3-meter umbilical. The Assort with arc excitation in air and Ascert with spark excitation in argon atmosphere and arc excitation in air are available.
For use either on site, in a plant or warehouse the MetalScan A series units have all the analytical and processing power of the larger desktop units supplied by Arun Technology. A simple LED display at the rear of the probe allows the operator a ‘Go/No Go’ indication without the need to look at the screen. This is particularly useful in a sorting application.
With the MetalScan A series it is a simple procedure to change the probe detector head and electrode from arc to spark operation. The software automatically provides the different calibrations available and controls the argon.
The MetalScan A series can be calibrated for the full range of commercial metal types, such as Cast Irons, Steels, Brasses, Bronzes, Aluminium Alloys, etc. Additional bases, matrix calibrations and alloy types can be analyzed without additional hardware costs normally associated with classical spectrometers. Calibration is still required for each new material using certified reference materials.

MetaScan A Series

  1. Low cost, high performance versatile portable metals analyzer
  2. Designed for on-site analysis, robust construction, versatile and simple to use
  3. A-PASS Windows based software

The MetalScan ASSORT uses arc excitation in air for rapid PMI and grade identification.
The MetalScan ASCERT uses spark excitation in an Argon atmosphere enabling full quantitative analysis and offers low Carbon analysis in steels. It also combines both types of excitation in a single unit for complete flexibility. For use either on-site, in a plant or warehouse, the MetalScan A Series units have much of the analytical and processing power of the larger desktop units available from ARUN Technology.


  1. Compact size, easily carried
  2. Portable complete weight 28 kg
  3. Integrated Panel PC with color touch screen
  4. Integrated tally roll printer
  5. Integrated LED indicator display in probe
  6. 3-meter detachable umbilical to probe
  7. True multi-base capability
  8. Rapid multi-element analysis
  9. CCD array detectors with wide spectrum coverage
  10. Holographic diffraction grating

Available Models

MetalScan ASSORT

  1. Arc excitation in Air
  2. Grade Identification
  3. Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  4. Semi Quantitative Analysis
  5. Go/No Go sorting
  6. Single or multi-base, multi-matrix

MetalScan ACCERT

  1. Arc excitation in Air and Spark excitation in Argon
  2. Grade Identification
  3. Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  4. Full Quantitative Analysis
  5. Go/No Go sorting
  6. Single or multi-base, multi-matrix
  7. Low-level Carbon determination  in spark mode
  8. Simple change from arc to spark

Working Principle
The operating principle of the Ascert is Optical Emission Spectrometry often referred to as ‘OES’. An electrical discharge is applied between the counter electrode and the surface of the prepared metal sample. This is carried out in an argon atmosphere inside the spark adapter head and referred to as a ‘spark discharge’. Some of the sample surface material is vaporised releasing the radiation of light at specific wavelengths dependant on the elements present. Light from the spark passes via the fibre optic along the umbilical into the multi-optic spectrometer arrangement of the instrument. Here, CCD (charge coupled device) solid-state detectors measure the relative amplitudes of the different wavelengths of light. Processing of this spectral data yields the analytical results. The analytical program specifies which elements are to appear in the analysis and their concentration ranges. The analytical results appear as percentage values, against each element detected in the sample. Any element outside the programmed limits is highlighted. The values thus indicated should be regarded as estimates only.

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