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SDDH315 Drying Oven can be used to determine moisture content in coal, coke and so on and is applicable   to laboratory for drying oven, baking, wax melting and heat treatment.   

Conformance with Standards

ISO11722 Solid mineral fuels – Hard coal – Determination of moisture in the general analysis test sample   by drying in nitrogen   ASTM D5142-09 Standard Test Method for Proximate Analysis of the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke   by Instrumental Procedures GB/T212-2008 Standard Test Method for Proximate Analysis of Coal.

  • Max temperature: 300℃
  • Temperature controlling precision: ±1℃
  • Maximum power: 2.4kW
  • Power Requirement: 220V(-15%-10%),50/60Hz
  • Chamber size(mm): 550 * 450 * 600
  • Dimension (mm) : 740*601*973
  • Weight(kg): 107

  • Reserved Heating Up 
    The operator can set the start time of heating up according to the needs.

  • Nitrogen 
    With the provision for passing a current of day nitrogen through it, SDDH315 is applicable to all types of coal   and coke.

  • Large Drying Space and Adjustable Shelf Height
    Vertical type available, the oven features stainless chamber with a large space, which allows a faster test    speed for a large number of samples. The height of the shelf can be adjusted according to the needs.

  • SelfAdvanced Thermal Circulation and Thermal Insulation System
    The chamber is heated evenly.

  • Tempered Glass Inspection Window
    The operator can observe the real-time heating situation.,Primary Aluminium,Secondary Aluminium,Bronze/Brass,Phosphorous Copper,Aluminium Bronze,

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